Education Tourism Consulting - Recruiting a Director of Studies

Opening a School – DOS

Education Tourism Consulting presents the next part of ‘Setting up an English Language School’. In this post, we will discuss the importance of hiring a qualified and experienced Director of Studies.

A Director of Studies or DOS takes the position of academic manager in a language school. Ideally they should be experienced and hold a Cambridge University DELTA qualification or a Master’s Degree of Teaching English as a Second Language. With their experience and qualifications, they will be one of the most important staff members you hire. Their academic job description will include the following duties and tasks:

·         Developing the school’s syllabus

·         Creating courses

·         Sourcing course books and other resources

·         Planning class schedules

·         Recruiting teachers

·         Training teachers

·         Placing students in the correct level

·         Attending to students’ academic needs

·         Attending academic fairs

·         Taking ownership of getting international accreditation for the school

However a good DOS can offer the school so much more. It is not unusual for them to be heavily involved in marketing, especially when the school is in its infancy and marketing is of utmost importance. This means that they can meet agents, visit potential clients, write blog posts and post on the school’s social media profiles. Having the DOS present the school gives confidence in the school’s academic excellence. In addition they can also be a stand-in for the school director. This will mean that they are heavily involved in sales and administrative duties. As you can see, a good DOS has strengths and skills that extend beyond offering their academic expertise.

Recruiting a Director of Studies may seem like a daunting task, but Education Tourism Consulting is able assist you with the process. We will find the perfect candidate who will be able to meet your exact needs and who will be integral in helping you to build a successful language school, with a sterling academic reputation.