Education Tourism Consulting - Opening an English School

Opening a School – Location

It’s believed that in the next five years there will be almost two billion people learning English at any given time worldwide. This presents corporations, educational institutions, teachers and individual with the fantastic opportunity to empower people in their societies through education, while at the same time capitalising on this global trend. Over the next few weeks, Education Tourism Consulting will be presenting the many factors that need to be considered before embarking on the exciting and rewarding journey of opening an English language school.

The very first step is ascertaining the genuine need for an English school in an area you have identified. The location of a school can make or break your business before you have even started. You may believe that your target area can support more than one English school because it is known to be a place where people will automatically go. This is definitely a positive point but keep in mind that you will face a lot of competition, that rentals may be high and that you might be drawn into a price battle with other English schools.

Establishing a school in a new area might be daunting but if you do enough research and see that there are students to support your English school, then this can be a very lucrative and successful venture. You could corner a niche corporate market, offer additional English classes to an already existing institution or even create a new area for other English language schools to open as well.

Wherever you decide to open your English school, Education Tourism Consulting can assist with every aspect of the conception, planning and execution. Together we will create a programme to ensure the success of your venture and to play a small part in improving the lives of those around you.