Education Tourism Consulting - Opening an English School

Opening a School – Premises

Education Tourism Consulting presents the next part of ‘Setting up an English Language School’. Once you have decided on the location of your English language school, you will need to start scouting for suitable premises.  This is as important as the location of your English school because the size of your school, the number and size of classrooms and the interior and exterior finishes will be integral in creating a particular impression.

There is no ideal size of school as this will depend on availability, your budget and on the number of students you are expecting to attract. There are however some points that you should keep in mind:

  1. Try and keep the classes all one size if possible. This will ensure that you maximise space and that the school looks neat and organised.
  2. Most students of private English language schools expect to be taught in small classes. This will also mean that you can charge higher prices for premium tuition. Just remember to ensure that there is enough space in the classroom for the teacher to ‘monitor’ their students by walking around the table.
  3. Make sure that there is adequate space for a teachers’ room, administration and management offices (administration, Director of Studies, School Director, at the very least).
  4. Ensure that the reception area is welcoming and large enough for potential students to congregate comfortably while they enquire about the school.
  5. If you have enough space, a school can really benefit from a library, study room, a recreational space for students, a kitchen and an audio-visual room.
  6. It is vital that there are enough male and female bathrooms.

The interior and exterior of your school should be as modern, clean, bright and comfortable as possible. This will create an atmosphere of professionalism and comfort that will make students feel at ease with their choice of an English language school.  This will be covered in more depth later on in the series when we discuss the marketing of your school.

Education Tourism Consulting will assist you in finding the perfect premises to suit your market, budget and location, thereby ensuring a successful English language school.