Education Tourism Consulting - Choosing Course Books and Resources

Opening a School – Resources

Education Tourism Consulting presents the next part of ‘Setting up an English Language School’. In this post, we will discuss the best way to choose course books and resources for your new school.

It is my experience that in most instances, students prefer to work through a course book. It can give them a sense of predictability during the stressful process of learning a new language and also achievement as they complete each unit. At the same time, using course books can alleviate a lot of the stress and planning for less experienced teachers. Most course books come with a teacher’s book, which give teachers guidance, ideas, tests and extra resources.

The choice of course books will be very much dependent on the type of students you are going to be teaching, as well as the availability of course books in your city or region. The Director of Studies will play a very large part in this choice as they will want to choose books that can be used in the courses they have created.  They may also have preferences based on previous experience but just ensure that they are aware of any cultural considerations or availability restrictions when presenting their selection.

Resources that can be used in conjunction with course books are also necessary when starting a new school. They provide supplementary materials which can enhance classes tremendously and good teachers will make use of them on a regular basis. It can however be very costly to purchase the whole ‘wish list’ of the DOS and teachers in one go. You could spread the list over a number of months or even years by allocating a more manageable monthly budget. In addition, a good internet connection, a computer and a printer will help the teachers greatly as there are many free resources on the internet. You will also find that experienced teachers have built up resources over their years of teaching.

Although it is a large outlay of capital when establishing a new school, the materials you use will do much to enhance the students’ English learning experience and therefore the success of the school. Choose wisely and if in doubt, contact Education Tourism Consulting for advice.