Education Tourism Consulting (ETC.) specializes in all aspects of Edu-Tourism. With a decade of experience in this field, ETC. is able to assist with the planning, opening and successful running and marketing of institutions that are established to attract foreign students to study. It is the aim of ETC. to establish a network of tourism practitioners, eateries and accommodation providers, who along with educational institutions can offer enhanced and worthwhile world-class learning and tourism experiences to foreigners. This powerful combination of industries has the potential to positively affect all those in the community in terms of business growth, education and employment.


Education Tourism Consulting (ETC.) is able to offer a full and comprehensive marketing plan for any business. Although the company specializes in education, tourism and edu-tourism, the skills needed to successfully market these industries can easily be transferred to others. The basic principles are the same and they are to help your business be visible, to be viewed in a positive light and therefor to be successful.

ETC. offers the following marketing services: sales and marketing plans and programmes, social media marketing, website design and maintenance, SEO and blogging, graphic design, public relations and content creation. In addition, ETC. offers training in all aspects of sales and marketing.


Education Tourism Consulting (ETC.) has a decade of experience in education and teaching and is therefore able to offer training to businesses that would prefer to rather train their staff than pay for monthly outsourced services. ETC. is able to offer specialized industry-specific training programmes and subjects include sales training, social media training, telephone and customer interaction etiquette training and business writing training, to name a few.

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